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Cavitation Intensity Meter
Electrowave 100 Cavitation Meter
Cavitation Intensity Meter - Priced at $1610.00
  • Repeatable, Instantaneous readings
  • Accurate in any ultrasonic system
  • Frequency range 5kHz - 500kHz
  • Safe, simple operation a All solid state
  • Temperature range up to 1000 C
  • Flexible sealed probe
  • Results in quantifiable units of Amperes DC or Volts AC/DC
As an option an independent testing laboratory calibrates our intensity meters before shipment - certification included with your purchase.

Our SYNCROPOWER electrostrictive (piezoelectric) transducers have an age-loss logarithm [k33] of only 1.8% -3% per decade average for the first two decades, and an additional 1.8% - 3% after another one hundred years. In summary, this is a solid state electronic instrument and deterioration in our meterís accuracy is quite minimal. Unless severely damaged the unit should not require recalibration during its lifetime.
Electrowave's Cavitation Intensity Meter, Model EW-100, gives instantaneous repeatable readings on the cavitational energy present in any operating system. It provides a practical method for establishing optimum processes and making rapid, positive quality control checks of ultrasonic action. This one-piece, precision quality control instrument consists of a sensitive, flexible probe, a solid state detector with a high quality moving coil meter. It is hand held and powered by a single AA battery for safe, simple operation.
The magnitude and uniformity of cavitation at any location within any ultrasonics system can be monitored quickly and easily using the Electrowave Cavitation Intensity Meter. The readings can be compared with previously established optimum values, any deviations from 'optimum' will be immediately noted on the meter. In this way processing efficiency can be highly controlled.

A universally accepted standard of cavitation intensity has yet to be adopted and although watts per square centimeter is most often used in scientific literature, this is generally a term only referring to input wattage vs. radiating surface area, and does not indicate the cavitational intensity in the fluid. It is the job of a good cavitation meter to measure the output. either in watts or amperes, or some other quantifiable units.

Hermetically sealed to the tip of a 24 inch flexible probe the piezoelectric element delivers an electrical output directly proportional to the magnitude of the sonic energy in the liquid. This energy comprises of the basic center frequency, the
harmonica of that frequency, as well as broad-spectrum white noise created by the implosions of countless cavitation bubbles. Taken together and summed, these components provide a meaningful measure of cavitation efficiency.
The current output from the probe is displayed on a moving coil meter. Readings are obtained instantaneously. The meter has one main control and provides sensitivity selection for monitoring the lower cavitation levels found in solvents, as well as the higher levels found in lower frequencies or focused transducers. See 'Frequency V". Cavitation Values' chart.
OPERATION PROCEDUE: 1.) Fill apparatus with clean liquid. 2.) Degas the liquid by operating the system for several minutes. 3.) Insert the Cavitation Intensity Meter probe  approximately two inches below the liquid surface. 4.) Divide the apparatus into sections, taking a reading in each section. S.) Repeat steps 3 & 4 at deeper levels.

Cavitation is a function of not only of the liquid selected, but also the liquid temperature and state of aeration. Most low boiling point solvents are more difficult to cavitate than water based solutions, and the intensity developed may vary by a wide factor. Heavily aerated solutions will support less cavitation, while warmer solutions, up to certain limits, are generally easier to cavitate than cold solutions. (See 'Comparisons Of Ultrasonic Cavitation Intensity In Various Liquids' chart)
Specifications EW-100 Cavitation Meter
Frequency Range 
5kHz to 500kHz
Temperature Range
-400C to + 1000C
Power Requirements
 Single AA Battery
100% Solid State
Precision, moving-coil
24" Flexible PZT-type
Mu1ti-position switch
-5% or better
Response Time
~1 pound
1 year
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